Schmitz-Leuchten – We glow with light

We glow with light – and for the luminaires that we design, produce and distribute for our customer's properties.

We see luminaires as a medium for the implementation of light – and as a design element that interacts with architecture. A design feature that sets accents.

Luminaires from Schmitz. These are luminaires for the implementation of sophisticated interior lighting concepts for offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and trade, for example. We cover the widest variety of requirements: from wall, ceiling, pendant, recessed and floor lamps to frameless installation and spotlights to downlights.

Our products feature functional design with clear, down-to-earth aesthetics and a high quality standard. Quality, design and the use of the latest lighting technology give Schmitz-Leuchten a leading position in the market. 

The company was founded 1932. Its headquarters are in Arnsberg (Germany).