WILA - Improving the visual environment through individualization

WILA is a specialist in individual lighting that closely works with lighting professionals to realize their personal illumination ideas for enhancing visual environments.

This is achieved by engaging in an intensive dialogue with all parties involved in the design of buildings. With WILA’s unique integrative design concept, its flexible technology and optimized efficiency, unique individual solutions are created to light up offices, hospitals, universities, shops and large infrastructural projects like airports.

Design: integrative
WILA’s design ensures product functionalities are easy to understand and straightforward to handle. The aesthetic features enable a harmonious integration into the individual context of the architectural concept.

Technology: flexible
WILA’s products are made up of multi-purpose “fractal components”. This allows for a high degree of customizable, project-specific variants combined with high quality standards.

Efficiency: optimized
WILA uses smart engineering processes to achieve a high degree of robust stability with a minimum of resource and material input.

WILA’s aim is to improve the visual environment through individualization. This ambition requires a solid organisation. To ensure quick and reliable responses to your wishes, WILA has a special department for the
development of sample and custom-built luminaires. The manufacture of components and the final assembly of our luminaires is done in-house and at the highest level.

We provide lighting professionals with the tools to attain ample design freedom for their own, tailor-made lighting projects being convinced that WILA’s products and services are safe and reliable and of sustained quality and efficient performance.

WILA. Freedom to design.