We strongly believe in developing and manufacturing products close to our customers, as this enables the quality and the flexibility our customers require. On top of that, we prove that by smart investments in product and manufacturing technology we can bring competitive best in class products to the market. Products „Made in Europe and USA“.

Agile and customer focused with a solid backbone

The Nordeon Group consists of mid-sized, agile manufacturing and innovation sites close to their specific markets. The group´s aim is to leverage expertise and capabilities of its group companies in order to deliver maximum value for its customers.

The lighting industry is undergoing a profound change. The demand for energy-efficiency is increasing continuously and the development of efficient LED luminaires is taking giant steps forward. The Nordeon Group, combining the power of scale of a big company with the benefits of agile, independently managed small businesses, is perfectly positioned to help drive this change and to contribute to the protection of natural resources through the deployment of energy efficient LED lighting.