Technology change to LED: Better light level saves money and protects the environment

"With Nordeon we have found an experienced partner in the field of energy-efficient lighting solutions. The collaboration was quick and effective, and the result is convincing."

Rainer Glogowski, Technical Director of ArcelorMittal Auto Processing Germany Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH


Thor by Nordeon
Thor by Nordeon

Springe (Germany), 6th october 2015

About the customer
ArcelorMittal is the largest steel producer in the world being present in over 60 countries. (2014, the company produced 98.1 million tons of crude steel). The ArcelorMittal Auto Processing GmbH (AMAP), a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH, processes cold rolled sheets for automotive and cask industry. Today, high-quality surface-coated body panels from Eisenhüttenstadt can be found in many car brands such as from the OEM partners VW Group, BMW and GM. ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt is a modern, integrated metallurgical plant with highly engineered technical facilities and technologies.

Objectives and requirements
The primary goal of the AMAP GmbH was to significantly improve the lighting level maintaining the existing system geometry and to achieve maximum reduction in energy costs at the same time. Effortlessly being able to master visual tasks influences employee performance, quality of work and safety at the workplace in the two working areas "blanking" and "cask production". Here you have both: The belt run has to be monitored closely and special attention has to the paid to the manufacturing of products in order to identify surface defects on the line immediately. With a color rendering index of Ra30, the quality of work did not meet the specifications of the employment protection according to OSHAS 18001.

Peter Lüdtke and his team of LTT lighting solutions, who was responsible for planning, also points out the latest legal changes:

"Already in 2012, the European Union's new Eco-design, which aim it is to reduce the CO2 emission, declared the previously installed sodium vapour lamps as inefficient. Since April 1st of this year, an extended ban on mercury vapour lamps (HQL lamps) came along. The conversion to modern and highly efficient LED lighting was the best solution for our project, since it allows an energy saving of more than 50 percent. In addition, Thor scores with a considerably long lifetime of 100.000 hours and excellent uniform lighting conditions."

Brighter illumination increases work quality and comfort
Optimum production results largely depend on the employees. For the project team of AMAP the visual performance of the staff had top priority. With the LED high bay luminaire Thor with 21.000 or 28.000 lm in the light color 840, a color rendering index of Ra> 80, which was developed and manufactured by Nordeon at the location in Springe, one could improve the lighting conditions significantly. In spite of the 12-meter mounting height very good visual conditions have been reached. Furthermore, one achieved an illuminance of 500 lx for workspaces with inspection and measuring tasks.

"Our colleagues in the production have to provide visual tasks even under difficult circumstances and over long periods of time. With the brighter and now more uniform light, we have made work easier for them and have also increased safety", explains Rainer Glogowski, the technical director.

The new light has also not gone unnoticed with the employees themselves. It is now e.g. easier for Torsten Kosian to perform quality controls and to recognize errors, because the light is more authentic and not as yellow and as distorting as before, he explains.

LED pays off: Save energy and money from day one
During the inventory of the about 4000 m² production hall the actual power consumption of the lighting with the previously used sodium lamps was measured among other things. As a result, the old lights had a system power of more than 450W per lamp with an operating time of 5.520 hours per year and required a complex lamp replacement regularly. The new lighting solution with LED high bay luminaire Thor was able to reduce the connected load of the 21.000 lumen variant by more than halve. Also Thor with 28.000 lumen is significantly lower with 280 W. It guarantees a lifetime of 100.000 hours (L80B10) and is almost maintenance-free.

Thus, Thor achieves a 52% saving of annual operating costs, equivalent to € 23.288 savings per year. In other words, AMAP now saves € 1.940 every month, € 440 every week and € 63 every day in energy costs only with lighting. In addition, € 2.500 are saved through maintenance costs, which do not apply any longer.

Moreover, the conversion to LED high bay luminaire Thor makes a significant contribution to sustainability. It achieves a reduction of 70 tons of CO2 per year.

About Nordeon:
Nordeon is a young, innovative European manufacturer of LED luminaires and lamps with over 60 years of experience. Nordeon was founded in October 2012 with the acquisition of the Philips development and manufacturing facility in Springe, Germany and expanded in December 2012 and November 2013 by the acquisition of the Philips production sites in Chalon sur Saône and Dijon, France. We combine the experience of professional engineering of LED luminaires with the speed and flexibility of a newcomer. We have one of the largest LED manufacturing facilities in Europe, with latest industrial equipment and lean production processes. We strive to achieve high energy savings for our customers by rethinking the way lighting products are developed, produced, and sold. Our mission is two years payback time, with products “made in Western Europe” to ensure high flexibility, quality and customer proximity.

Nordeon combines the determination and ambition of a newcomer with over 60 years of experience in the lighting industry. On a daily basis, more than 450 highly qualified and ambitious employees work carefully to realize customer requests in the highest quality.

Nordeon. A member of the Nordeon-Group.

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