Revolutionary reflector technology: With ACCADIA Hess sets new standards for in-ground luminaires

- ACCADIA: Designed for the most sophisticated illuminations and accentuations

- Revolutionary reflector technology in the asymmetric versions generates indirect light completely without glare – currently a unique feature among in-ground luminaires

- ACCADIA is the prelude to the further expansion of Hess’ portfolio for architectural lighting





Villingen-Schwenningen, 15th October 2015  

Hess GmbH Licht + Form, an internationally leading manufacturer of designed outdoor luminaires and site furnishings based in Villingen-Schwenningen, has introduced ACCADIA, a LED in-ground luminaire family with a revolutionary reflector technology into the market. This innovative product family allows architects and planners to implement attractive lighting scenes for the most diverse applications – for example façade lighting and wall accenting. Here the luminaires combine the highest light quality with the unique design – typically for Hess. 

Light is much more than simply illumination and plays an increasingly important role as atmospheric design element not only for cities and municipalities, but also for industry and private applications. Skilfully deployed, light not only stages urban landmarks but also makes an important contribution, as a stylistic means, to the architecture of public, industrial and private spaces as well as parks and buildings.

With ACCADIA Hess follows this trend and at the same time sets a new standard. The high-quality LED in-ground luminaires let façades and architectural features such as columns, arches and sculptures as well as trees and plants shine in a completely new light.

Revolutionary reflector technology- for the best light without any dark zones

Outstanding lighting results are guaranteed thanks to the deployed reflector technology: Reflectors developed by Bartenbach ensure extremely homogeneous light distribution for the rotationally symmetrical as well as the asymmetrical versions starting from the bottom edge of a surface to be illuminated – without the previously common “dark zones”.

Unique and revolutionary “spoon reflectors” in the asymmetric versions generate an indirect and glare-free light – currently a unique feature and USP for in-ground luminaires.

The reflector unit is already set ex works to the conditions on site. Different LED configurations and housing types provide a wide range of possibilities for atmospheric illuminations and wall accentuations. The light colours 3000K and 4000 K are available as standard selections. 5700 K is available upon request. The product family is available in two housing types – round and rectangular – and in different sizes. The ex-works pre-wiring of the ACCADIAs allows for a very easy installation. 

The in-ground luminaire's clear design also meets the highest standards: The smooth surface completely without any screws prevents wear and contamination due to weathering and thus avoids any negative effects on the light distribution. Furthermore, the design of the in-ground luminaires ensures maximum tightness. In addition, a sophisticated maintenance concept allows the LED modules to be replaced easily.

ACCADIA is just the beginning

For Hess, the ACCADIA product family is the prelude to the successive development and expansion of its portfolio of sophisticated architectural lighting solutions. In future, architects, lighting designers and planners will find a wide range of sophisticated and elegant LED lighting solutions for implementing attractive light accentuation at Hess.

About Hess GmbH Licht + Form:
Thanks to an extremely varied range of luminaires, Hess is able to fulfil every lighting design requirement in outdoor public spaces and exterior architectural lighting. Perfectly matching, high-quality site furnishings complete the product portfolio.

Light and form are part of our company name, and thus firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and our very genes. Hess stands for the very best lighting solutions and an unparalleled expression of design. The perfect interplay of light and form is what makes our products unique. Combining lighting and furnishings to optimum effect allows integrated concepts and customised special solutions to be implemented across urban and outdoor spaces in line with the Hess slogan “enhancing urban spaces”.

Tradition, innovation and design have made Hess a leading international brand. Hess supports and accompanies architects, planners, cities, communities, and building owners from the planning stage through to installation – throughout Europe and beyond. With the main factory located in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany), there is also a manufacturing site in Gaffney, South Carolina (USA). Hess has been a subsidiary of the Nordeon Group since 1 October 2013.


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