Lighting made clever! – the spring-time innovation offensive from Nordeon

- Clever innovations – such as the world’s first light line system to use DC technology

- In addition to innovations, the campaign focuses on clever solutions like CLEVERseller, CLEVERmobil and CLEVERmag


Springe, 4th march 2016

Nordeon, which has manufacturing facilities in Germany and France, is a company synonymous with innovative developments, lean production, customer-oriented solutions and ‘Made in Western Europe’ quality – and, ultimately, outstanding customer focus. It is this customer focus which is at the core of the new ‘Lighting made clever’ campaign, and is reflected in the campaign’s central elements: CLEVERinnovations, CLEVERseller, CLEVERmobil and CLEVERmag.

World’s first light line to use D.C. technology

Nordeon presents the world’s first intelligent, D.C.-fed (direct current) light line system for rapid commissioning of light control systems: the Baldur D.C.. Instead of LED drivers with A.C./D.C. converters, there is a central master supply unit at the end of each light line. This adds considerable protection to the LED driver and easily provides 100,000 operating hours and more. An additional key feature is the made clever commissioning – the automatic addressing process automatically recognises and controls the individual luminaires, resulting in a 75% time saving. Put simply, it is a clever innovation, and will be available from Q4/2016.

Special light colours for fresh food
The combination of the Skadi spots and the Baldur LED light line system is a thoroughly clever one and it offers the ideal lighting solution for sales and presentation areas. The new light colours that are now available for the Skadi spots – specially developed for food use – also ensure perfect presentation of food and other goods, e.g. bakery products, meats, fruits and vegetables. Depending on the model, they achieve up to 120 lm/W.

The expansion of the Skadi range also makes the Baldur family more flexible in terms of application options – whether used for food, jewellery, fashion or warehouse lighting, Baldur and Skadi are always a clever choice.

Super-fast, clever installation
Nordeon has added to its high bay portfolio with the Vidar high-performance high bay, which is ideal for use in logistics centres, warehouses and industrial applications. Thanks to its single mounting point and low net weight of less than 4 kg, it can be installed in no time and its high energy efficiency and excellent price-performance ratio make Vidar a clever product choice.

In addition to clever innovations, Nordeon’s product range also offers further clever developments:
• Tyr: the luminous flux of this high bay has increased to up to 32,000 lm – and with the simultaneous 20% improvement in temperature tolerance, it is now suitable for applications up to +60°C.
• Baldur: this light line system is now even more efficient, achieving up to 142 lm/W
• Swea high bay: the increased luminous flux of this high bay achieves up to 28,000 lm

CLEVERseller – Nordeon’s clever selection for installers
Nordeon now provides a core assortment for installers under the name of CLEVERseller, with the objective of becoming even more responsive to market demand for high-quality ‘Made in Western Europe’ products with attractive price-performance ratios and high availability.

The CLEVERsellers include the Vidar high-bay, the Elion downlight, the G-Luxe glass LED tube and the Viking 2.0 waterproof luminaire. This clever selection delivers maximum cost efficiency, fast installation and optimal lighting for a broad range of applications, from logistics centres and production areas to accent lighting. However, the CLEVERseller range is not just versatile – it is also easy on the budget.

CLEVERmobil – On the road made clever
Nordeon guarantees close cooperation – so is going on tour. With the CLEVERmobil, Nordeon brings its portfolio to you, with a professional lighting and energy consultation included.

CLEVERmag – Lighting made clever
Nordeon, the clever inventor of the light line, has decades of experience and excellent lighting engineering expertise – and it exploits this experience and expertise to provide innovative lighting solutions. In its lighting made clever magazine, Nordeon presents its product innovations in addition to tailor-made service solutions – a clever magazine, from a clever company.

Nordeon – the clever choice!

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