Nordeon, the newcomer with 60 years of experience, celebrates!

Nordeon, a rising star in the European Professional Lighting market, has achieved a leading position within the last 2 years. This growth has been due to a new way of doing business: a new way of developing, a new way of manufacturing and a new way of bringing products to the market.

Springe / Eindhoven, October 2014. Nordeon was established in 2012 with the acquisition of Philips’ professional (LED) luminaire manufacturing and development facility in Springe. Already two years later, Nordeon includes about 450 employees in total with 3 sites located in Springe (DE), Chalon sur Saône and Dijon (both in France). 

Frank Weiss, Managing Director of Nordeon GmbH, says: “This young company has great growth potential. With the recently acquired, ultra-modern roll-forming system, we can now continue the longest tradition of the Springe site in the production of trunking systems.” Since 1974 high quality light line systems are developed and produced very successfully in Springe, Germany. It started with AEG branded Gealux, world’s first light line system. The Gealux was succeeded by a second generation light line system that was developed during the Philips ownership and is currently one of the most widely sold light line systems ever. Under Nordeon, the third generation is now brought to market: the Baldur! Baldur follows this tradition and creates a new benchmark for LED light line systems through excellent knowledge of customer requirements and quality demands in retail, office and industry.

Felix Zwaryszczuk, Managing Director of Nordeon SAS, comments: "In the French location of Chalon and Dijon, we've become a full-line linear solution provider. We offer the broadest portfolio of linear lighting products for the industrial, retail and office markets, from special color temperature lamps, to lamps for extreme cold or hazardous environments, till LED to achieve even more energy savings. With the investment of ESD floor and the production of LED in France, we're now prepared for the future.”

Pierre van Lamsweerde, CEO of the Nordeon-Group, says: “We are proud to see what Nordeon has achieved in such a short time. The agility and flexibility of a newcomer, together with the experience and know-how of a consolidated lighting manufacturer are the major stones for Nordeon’s success story. Over the past two years, we’ve done incredible investments and introduced extraordinary innovations to serve our customers. We always look for better ways to provide light, while at the same time offering the highest energy savings and providing an unbeatable amortization time.”


About Nordeon-Group

The Nordeon Group is comprised of medium-sized, agile manufacturing and innovation locations, which operate in close proximity to their specific markets. Extensive development and production facilities in Germany and France are enabling this. 

The group's aim is to pool and utilize the experience and capabilities of these individual companies, in order to offer customers maximum benefit and optimum service and performance.

The Nordeon Group is a new, innovative European luminaire manufacturer. New, yet experienced. The exterior lighting specialists from Hess in Villingen (Germany) and Gaffney (South Carolina/USA) as well as Vulkan in Springe (Germany) belong to the Nordeon Group. Nordeon with the locations in Springe (Germany) und Chalon sur Saône (France), is the specialist for industrial, retail and office indoor lighting. Together the companies have more than a hundred years of experience in the development and production of luminaires. Products “made in Western Europe and the USA” ensure high flexibility, quality and customer proximity.

The Group combines the determination and ambition of a newcomer with over one hundred years of experience in the lighting industry. On a daily basis, more than 700 highly qualified and ambitious employees work carefully to realize customer requests in the highest quality.


Contact details:

Ángels Cornellana Morros
Lichttoren 32
5611 BJ Eindhoven
Tel.: +31 6 501 26 876