Nordeon launches energy saving TLEDs

- Introduction of highly energy-efficient LED tubes

- Customers benefit from high energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance costs

- High lighting quality from Nordeon - "made in France"


Chalon sur Saône and Dijon, 24. November, 2014

Nordeon is now a full-range linear-lighting solution provider

Nordeon, a provider of innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions, brings a whole new generation of LED tubes on the market and continues a more than 60 years of French linear lighting solutions tradition: whether in offices, schools, parking garages, in warehouses, in cooling cells, as well as transport and distribution areas - with the Nordeon LED tubes family, high energy savings at low maintenance cost are guaranteed.

In its French factory in Dijon, Nordeon has developed new LED tubes, TLed LUXE and TLed LUXE MAX. The newly introduced TLed LUXE family scores with impressive key data, thus ensuring maximum benefit for the customer. Up to 125 lm / W luminous efficacy with a simultaneous energy saving of around 50% compared to conventional T8 are as remarkable as the lifetime of 40.000 hours. The Nordeon LED tubes thus achieve both extremely high brightness and efficiency.

Nordeon offers its customers the Tled LUXE family in three light colors: In 3000 K, 4000 K and 6500 K which allows to be used for different applications. Furthermore, they reach an A+ energy category label.

In accordance the Managing Director of Nordeon SAS, Felix Zwaryszczuk is very satisfied: "In the French location of Chalon and Dijon, we've become a full-line linear-lighting solution provider. We offer the broadest portfolio of linear lighting products for the industrial, retail and office markets, from special color temperature lamps, to lamps for extreme cold or hazardous environments, till LED to achieve even more energy savings. With the investment of ESD floor and the production of LED in France, we're now prepared for the future.”

About Nordeon:

Nordeon is a new, innovative European manufacturer of LED luminaires and lamps with over 60 years of experience. Nordeon was founded in October 2012 with the acquisition of the Philips development and manufacturing facility in Springe, Germany and expanded in December 2012 and November 2013 by the acquisitions of the Philips’ production sites in Chalon sur Saône and Dijon, France. We combine the experience of professional engineering of LED luminaires with the speed and flexibility of a newcomer. We have one of the largest LED manufacturing facilities in Europe, with latest industrial equipment and lean production processes. We strive to achieve high energy savings for our customers by rethinking the way lighting products are developed, produced, and sold. Our mission is two years payback time, with products “made in Western Europe” to ensure high flexibility, quality and customer proximity. 

Nordeon combines the determination and ambition of a newcomer with over 60 years of experience in the lighting industry. On a daily basis, more than 450 highly qualified and ambitious employees work carefully to realize customer requests in the highest quality.

Nordeon. A member of the Nordeon Group

About Nordeon Group:

Nordeon-Group consists of mid-sized, agile businesses which are closed to their market thanks to the production units located in France and Germany.

The Nordeon-Group is a new European lamps and luminaires manufacturer. New but already well established. Hess and Vulkan are the two powerfully established German outdoor lighting businesses. Nordeon production sites in France and Germany are dedicated to Indoor lighting for industry, retail and offices.

In addition, a highly innovative wholesaler started in April 2013 with, aimed exclusively at electrical installers in the area of lighting and installation of products.

Together these companies are based on an experience of over 115 years in the development and production of luminaires and lamps "Made in Western Europe". It provides great flexibility, quality and customer proximity. More than 700 highly qualified and ambitious employees work carefully to meet the demands of customers, all in the highest quality.


Directeur Général France
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Marketing and product manager
Nordeon SAS
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71100 Chalon sur Saône, France
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