Hess: Light and form at the Light + Building

Clear focus on urban space design - New product generation offers landscape architects, urban and lighting designers maximum flexibility - Multifunctional luminaires, new designs and innovative technologies

Villingen-Schwenningen, 01 April 2014

Hess GmbH Light + Form, an internationally leading manufacturer of designed outdoor luminaires and site furnishings, presents during their press conference at the Light + Building the strategic orientation of the company under the umbrella of the Nordeon Group, the latest product generation, and integrated LED lighting and design concepts for urban spaces.

Pierre van Lamsweerde, Managing Director of Hess and CEO of the Nordeon Group, is happy with the development of the company. “From the first days under the umbrella of the Nordeon Group Hess developed very well,” says van Lamsweerde. Hess also benefits from the financial strength and stability of the Nordeon Group. It was additionally possible to achieve sustainable positive results from the beginning.

Hess designs cities. This is on the one hand reflected in the current product range, including the new product highlights, on the other hand this company motto shall decisively shape Hess' future path. Here van Lamsweerde clearly indicates the direction: “With our products and solutions we want to design cities, communities and public places and make them more attractive, thus promote a sense of well-being and create atmosphere. During the day and at night.” The continuing trend towards urbanisation and the increasing importance of tourism ensure that the markets, which are relevant for Hess, will continue to show healthy growth. Cities, towns and communities want to design their public spaces, in order to differentiate themselves from other municipalities and to offer the greatest possible attractiveness to their visitors and inhabitants.

With the company motto “We design cities” Hess pursues 4 strategic directions: innovation, people, international expansion, and "Made in Germany".


With innovations in LED technology, in products “around the house”, in multifunctionality and in new product families, Hess has expanded its portfolio and introduced new technologies. “This however is a continuous process and we will stay on the ball. Even after the Light + Building our customers may continue to be surprised by us,” says Lamsweerde. In the future, the topic “Paint with Light” will play an increasingly important role. 

As a result of the hard work during the previous months, Hess presents a true plethora of entirely new product families and various re-engineered products during the Light + Building.

“With our new products we offer our customers a successful blend of timeless design, state-of-the-art and energy-efficient LED technology, as well as traditional craftsmanship with Hess quality,” elaborates van Lamsweerde. 

VAREDO - Mix and match as desired

A completely new product family that is exceptional in the truest sense of the word. With VAREDO, Hess has created a new generation of luminaires and site furnishings. A generation of solutions that gives landscape architects and lighting designers maximum freedom when designing urban spaces. A unique design idiom, feel and workmanship distinguish the VAREDO products that offer numerous combination options. The VAREDO product family comprises: outdoor lighting, illuminating and barrier bollards, a bench in diverse variants, and waste receptacles.  

AVANGARDO 2 - The new number 1 around the house

Lasting quality, durability, reliability and state-of-the-art LED technology. That is AVANGARDO 2. A total of 15 luminaire families are available for buildings and adjacent areas. Each luminaire family is comprised of several product groups – ranging from in-ground and wall luminaires to illuminating bollards – in an integrated and holistic design.

Multifunctional columns - CITY ELEMENTS

The CITY ELEMENTS are presented in a new light. In LED light. These multifunctional columns are now available with LED technology across the board.

Here special focus is placed on very high and stable light quality (XICATO inside). Diverse additional functions and supply solutions for inner-city requirements make these columns particularly attractive. Hess demonstrates the installation of a camera module with WLAN transmission to a mobile terminal device as an example.

Special solutions - characteristic for Hess

Hess displays a particularly special quality of the company. Project specific and customised (lighting) solutions. SPECIAL luminaires, SPECIAL finishes, SPECIAL colours, SPECIAL glass. Everything is possible. Using the example of an implemented special luminaire project for the city of Doha (Qatar), Hess documents the impressive combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


With a total of 15 sales representatives for the German market, Jürgen Duffner's, Sales Manager Germany, sales team is complete again. “With the completion of the sales team we are able to offer our customers short travel times and to provide optimal service,” rejoices Duffner.

At the same time the workforce is changing. “We deliberately request an open dialogue within our workforce,” says Duffner. “Across all hierarchy levels. We want to improve our company continuously. For this, we require an open dialogue with our staff, day after day. Here our corporate company, the Nordeon Groups, sets an example.” According to Duffner, Hess is able to build on a strong reputation with communities, urban designers and architects. “This reputation should be confirmed and the trust should be justified.”

International expansion

Hess has an export share of approx. 45 percent. The top foreign markets are the USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the Middle East. Sales activities are either performed by our own companies, for example in the USA, Belgium, and Sweden, or through long-standing external distribution partnerships.

For Andrew Pluntke, International Sales Manager, the focus is placed on certain key markets and thus targeted internationalisation is a top priority. “For the mentioned countries, we would like to increase our market penetrations and progress with our international expansion.” “The international business offers us great potential. However, we will apply the greatest possible care and proceed prudently during the expansion process.”    

Made in Germany

Future-oriented investments into location, personnel, and new products. “Under the umbrella of the Nordeon Group we pursue a clear forward strategy. Investments were made from day one,” says Georg Bremecker, Engineering and Development Manager. He continues not without pride: “The results are our new products and product upgrades that we present here at the trade show.” Made in Germany - for Bremecker a quality seal and a basis for a quick time-to-market.

The combination with the Nordeon Group creates potential, especially in development and production. “Within the Group we shall benefit from the advantages and synergies wherever possible, to standardise and streamline processes and ultimately to increase supply capacities, flexibility, and quality.” 

“We are experiencing great progress in making Hess gradually even more attractive,” summarises Pierre van Lamsweerde. “The team is ready and motivated. The products showcased at the Light + Building are the perfect proof. We shall continue to work hard to justify the trust our customers place in Hess, with the Nordeon Group as a strong partner on our side.” 

Current trade show insights can be found on our website at www.hess.eu.

About Hess GmbH Licht + Form:

Thanks to an extremely varied range of luminaires, Hess is able to fulfil every lighting design requirement in outdoor public spaces, as well as illuminating buildings both inside and outside. Perfectly matching, high-quality site furnishings complete the product portfolio.

Light and form are part of our company name, and thus firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and our very genes. Hess stands for the very best lighting solutions and an unparalleled design idiom. The combination of light and form is what makes our products unique. Combining lighting and furnishings in an ideal way allows integrated concepts and customised special solutions to be implemented across urban and outdoor spaces in line with the Hess slogan "We design cities".

The combination of tradition, innovation and design have resulted in Hess becoming a leading international brand. Hess supports and accompanies architects, planners, cities, communities, and building owners from the planning stage through to installation – throughout Europe and beyond. With the main factory located in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany), there is also a manufacturing site in Gaffney, South Carolina (USA). Hess has been a subsidiary of the Nordeon Group since 1 October 2013.

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