Nordeon: APCOA Parking uses Nordeon LED Tubes

- Leading European car park manager relies on Nordeon products

- Nordeon TLED Tubes, convincing performance and warranty

- First deliveries already started in 2014


Springe (GER) / Chalon sur Saône (FR), the 10th February 2015 Nordeon, the newcomer in the lighting industry with more than 60 years of experience, has gained a more than prestigious client with the APCOA PARKING group. In the next 1 ½ years Nordeon delivers more than 35,000 TLED Tubes of different versions to APCOA. 

APCOA PARKING is the leading European car park manager. More than 40 years of experience and a diversified customer portfolio in 12 European countries characterizes the company. APCOA offers its customers pioneering and innovative parking services.

From now on APCOA follows pioneering and innovative ways also in lighting - and relies on TLED Luxe Tubes from Nordeon. The excellent technical performance criteria and warranty obligations were the main reasons for this decision.

The Nordeon TLED Luxe Tubes will mainly be used for retrofit applications in existing APCOA car parks. Since December 2014, the exchange of around 20,000 conventional fluorescent lamps against Nordeon TLED Luxe Tubes is in full swing.

Felix Zwaryszczuk, CEO of Nordeon SAS in Chalon sur Saône, France, is delighted to have won an extremely prestigious and internationally operating company with APCOA as customer: "We are proud that we were able to convince APCOA with the quality and the performance of our products".

The graph shows the measured energy savings of a single garage in the month of December, which could be achieved through the use of Nordeon TLED Luxe Tubes from 12.25.2014. 

About Nordeon
Nordeon is a new, innovative European manufacturer of LED luminaires and lamps with over 60 years of experience. Nordeon was founded in October 2012 with the acquisition of the Philips development and manufacturing facility in Springe, Germany and expanded in December 2012 and November 2013 by the acquisition of the Philips production sites in Chalon sur Saône and Dijon, France. We combine the experience of professional engineering of LED luminaires with the speed and flexibility of a newcomer.

We have one of the largest LED manufacturing facilities in Europe, with latest industrial equipment and lean production processes. We strive to achieve high energy savings for our customers by rethinking the way lighting products are developed, produced, and sold. Our mission is two years payback time, with products “made in Western Europe” to ensure high flexibility, quality and customer proximity. 

Nordeon combines the determination and ambition of a newcomer with over 60 years of experience in the lighting industry. On a daily basis, more than 450 highly qualified and ambitious employees work carefully to realize customer requests in the highest quality.

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