SAGS Parking counts on efficient lighting solutions from Nordeon

- The French urban parking management company SAGS trusts for the installation of waterproof luminaires in their 16 car parks of the city of Courbevoie, in „les Hauts de Seine“ near Paris, in products of Nordeon, a subsidiary of the Nordeon-Group.

- In less than six months, over 3000 waterproof luminaires Njord have been installed in all car parks of the city of Courbevoie.

LED-luminaire Njord by Nordeon

Chalon sur Saône, 2015, the 17th of June

SAGS chose an innovative product by selecting the LED waterproof luminaire Njord by Nordeon. The performance criteria and extensive guarantees are the main reasons that convinced SAGS to trust the Franco-German manufacturer.

The car parks are opened and also lighted 24/7. The old lighting solution was too energy-inefficient for this application. The investment in the new lighting will result in  a higher lighting comfort for users and will enhance the security in the car parks. At the same time, significant financial savings are achieved thanks to Nordeon`s lighting solutions, which annually save about 124.000€ of electricity costs equaling a savings of almost 60%. This results in a payback time of less than 2 years. The excellent luminous efficacy of the Nordeon tubes (125lm/w), their long lifetime (40 000h) and the low maintenance convinced the SAGS Quality and Services Manager in the end.

Félix Zwaryszczuk, General Director of Nordeon SAS France, is very pleased of having convinced a company as SAGS as customer: “We are very proud to have established this Burgundian partnership thanks to the quality and performance of our products.”

About Nordeon

Nordeon is a young, innovative European manufacturer of LED luminaires and lamps with over 60 years of experience. Nordeon was founded in October 2012 with the acquisition of the Philips development and manufacturing facility in Springe, Germany and expanded in December 2012 and November 2013 by the acquisition of the Philips production sites in Chalon sur Saône and Dijon, France.

We combine the experience of professional engineering of LED luminaires with the speed and flexibility of a newcomer. We have one of the largest LED manufacturing facilities in Europe, with latest industrial equipment and lean production processes. We strive to achieve high energy savings for our customers by rethinking the way lighting products are developed, produced, and sold. Our mission is two years payback time, with products “made in Western Europe” to ensure high flexibility, quality and customer proximity.On a daily basis, more than 450 highly qualified and ambitious employees work carefully to realize customer requests in the highest quality.

Nordeon. A member of the Nordeon Group

About SAGS

With an experience of 25 years, SAGS has a real know-how, an innovative spirit and a diversified portfolio of customers in more than 90 cities in France.
Since 2013, the 1st of November, the company “SAGS Courbevoie”, is the car park public service delegated company for the city of Courbevoie. During the first two years of its management contract, SAGS will begin a major project to improve infrastructures and services, including the renovation and the upgrading to standards of the 16 parkings of Courbevoie. In this context “SAGS Courbevoie” chose Nordeon as a partner for the lighting part.

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